P. smithiana (Wall.) Boiss.


P. orientalis (L.) Link

species reported from eastern and central Asia have accepted taxonomic ranks (SCHMIDT-VOGT 1977; Farjon 1990, 2001). Many of these taxa have restricted and geographically isolated ranges. several are distributed in mountains and occur at the altitudes of 1400-3600 m and are important species in the local forest plant communities.

In central Asia the genus Picea is represented by a few montane species. Picea spinulosa (Griff.) Henry and P. smithiana (Wallich) BOISS. grow in the Himalayas at altitudes of 1400-3600 m (Raizada and Sahnii 1958; Wang 1961; BROWICZ 1982; GRIERSON and LONG 1983; POLUNIN and Stainton 1984) and P. schrenkiana Fischer et MEYER in the Altay at 1400-3000 m (SOKOLOV et al. 1977). Picea orientalis (L.) Link is the only species of the genus in the Caucasus and southwest Asia. It grows at elevations of 1000-2000 m and forms extensive mountain forests (DOLUKHANOV and SKHIRELI 1959; COODE and CULLEN 1965; BROWICZ 1982).

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