Figure 11.7 Contribution of the descriptors to the first two canonical axes. (a) The 12 species of spiders.

(b) The 15 environmental descriptors. The figure was redrawn using data published by the authors. Adapted from Aart & Smeenk-Enserink (1975).

Other interesting applications of CCorA to ecology are presented by Gittins (1985), van der Meer (1991), and Varis (1991).

Doledec & Chessel (1994) proposed a method called co-inertia analysis. This is a form of CCorA which maximizes the covariance between the two sets of projected object scores, instead of the correlation. They applied the method to study the relationships between macroinvertebrate communities in ponds, on the one hand, and environmental variables on the other.

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