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Natural Selection and Evolution Selforganization

One measure of self-organization is the amount of information that is required to predict the final outcome. Higher levels of self-organization require large amounts of information to predict the final composition. To predict what an office building will look like when finished requires the blueprint and some drawings to predict which organisms will provide structure and function to an ecosystem at any given time is almost impossible except in general terms. Self-organization also gives ecosystems properties of robustness, persistence, the ability to self-repair, and flexibility in the face of changing environmental conditions. Because of the interactions among system components, biotic and abiotic, changes in one component can ripple through the system and change many other components.

Public health response as informed by recent events anthrax attacks 2001

A number of important lessons, at all levels, were learned from the response to the anthrax attacks of 2001. First and foremost, they exposed the numerous deficiencies in the national and local public health infrastructures, including laboratory and diagnostic capabilities. Second, the events revealed significant knowledge gaps in the scientific community regarding biological threat agents -for instance, the finding of secondary spore aerosolization with experimental routine office activities in the US Hart Senate Office Building during the decontamination phase suggests an additional risk from anthrax weapons (Weis et al., 2002). Third, the attacks caused the public health community to question previously held assumptions regarding bioterrorism the idea that such substantial social and economic disruption could result from such a small event represents a new potential paradigm for terrorists and planners alike (Artenstein, 2003).

The Industrial Ecology Of Infrastructure Operations

From 'traditional' activities such as office buildings and vehicle fleets, to more specialized requirements such as extensive battery back-up systems for switching centers to provide service continuity if the electric grid goes down. While most firms face strong financial incentives to optimize elements of their infrastructure activities, such as energy consumption resulting from network operation, there are few studies of information infrastructure as a whole. Perhaps the best source is British Telecom's 1996-7 annual environment, health and safety report (BT 2000). The data in this report support certain conclusions about the relative importance of certain infrastructure activities compared to others. For example, it is fairly evident from the data provided that network and infrastructure operations, as opposed to office building and fleet operation, constitute the single biggest source of emissions (somewhere around 90 per cent of carbon dioxide and 98 per cent of sulfur dioxide -...

Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Oak Woodland Sustainability

Most common with tanoak, madrone, mixed conifer forest species also with coast live oak, interior live oak, and blue oak More common on forest sites found on moister hardwood rangelands well-drained soils Protected by Forest Practice Act on timberlands commercial properties for finished lumber

Aiacote Top Ten Winner The Plaza At Ppl Center Location Allentown Pennsylvania

This LEED Gold high-performance urban office building was designed and built in 18 months on a suburban real-estate budget (see color insert). The eight-story building offers Allentown's downtown its first new office development in over 25 years. A dramatic eight-story glass atrium brings natural light deep into the core of the building, while extensive perimeter glazing provides panoramic views and abundant daylight, filtered through brises-soleil, directly to all building spaces. Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors ensure that fresh air is supplied directly to each building area as needed. A pair of two-story, plant-filled winter gardens along the south facade of the building provide unique workspaces for occupants, bring daylight deeper into the floor plates, control glare, and improve indoor air quality. Other features include efficient building systems, use of zero-emitting or very-low-VOC-emitting paint, adhesives, sealants, carpet, and composite wood. Estimated energy demand is 30...

Limitations of Research on Multi Paddock Grazing

The results of much experimental research are inconsistent with the demonstrated effectiveness on commercial properties in many countries of planned multi-paddock grazing management. The potential for significantly higher production under planned multi-paddock grazing management, consistent with producer experience, can be justified with published research data, using scientific arguments focusing on the temporal and spatial aspects of grazing management and their physiological effects on plant and animal production and complementary relationships. Many grazing system research projects have been conducted with no ecological or production goals and have often ignored relevant ecological research or practical knowledge when choosing and implementing treatments. This lack of treatment goals or consideration of their possible efficacy allows limited opportunity for understanding

Storm Water Discharge

Storm water is defined as storm water runoff, surface runoff, and drainage. The regulations apply only to point-source discharges. A permit is required for both direct discharges into U.S. waters and for indirect discharges into a facility's drainage system or a separate city storm water system. However, an industry that separates its nonindus-trial storm water, such as drainage from office buildings and parking lots, from the plant's industrial storm water does not have to include the nonindustrial areas in their permit.

Metal Structures

In Denmark, the market value of well-preserved steel components from demolition has reached ten times the scrap value. Old railway lines have been used in the structure of office buildings in Sweden. When re-using metal structural elements, the risk of material fatigue has to be assessed.

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