♦ i motivating characters in any number of ways. They are also meant to threaten player characters, to create a sense of danger for adventures at sea or in the outback. They are intended to provide lethal opponents for characters to outsmart, overcome, or battle.

These intentions are best realized through encounters with these creatures, and game moderators are encouraged to use the biota of Blue Planet in ways that add realism, depth, mystery, danger, and action to their adventures. The following wildlife encounters are intended to help moderators use the flora and fauna of the game effectively. These set-piece encounters can be used as written or they can be mined for cool ideas and customized to fit a specific campaign. They should also be used to inspire moderators to create similar encounters of their own, encounters that go beyond simply killing monsters, instead using those monsters to add substance, variety, and a sense of originality to the game.

Because a sense of the unknown is so important to wilderness encounters in Blue Planet, these entries should be considered Access Denied, for the game moderator's eyes only.

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