I thank Karina Boege, Ricardo Callejas, Jaime Cavelier, Howard Clark, Kleber Del Claro, Trisha Consiglio, Alberto Duran, Giselda Durigan, Robin Foster, Gordon Frankie, Nancy Garwood, Larry Gilbert, Nancy Greig, Arturo Mora, Renato de Molim de Jesus, Carl Jordan, Susana Leon, Lucia Lohmann, Patricia Morellato, Ary Oliveira-Filho, Rosa Ortiz-Gentry, Cristian Samper, Doug Stevens, Alberto Vicentini, and Caroline Whitefoord for help in finding data sets, updates to published data, and access to unpublished data. Rebecca Forkner helped to prepare Fig. 5.1, and Trish Consiglio provided the area data for Fig. 5.8. The staff at the Missouri Botanical Garden library were especially helpful in finding materials. The manuscript was improved greatly by comments from Beatriz Baker, Karina Boege, Grace Chen, Rebecca Forkner, June Jeffries, Alejandro Masis, Rodrigo Rios, Kimberly Schultz, two anonymous reviewers, and the statistical help of Kurt Shultz.

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