Poikilohydrous Way of Life 8

Poikilohydrous Constitution versus Poikilohydrous Performance:

Toward a Definition of Poikilohydry 8

Ecology and Distribution of Poikilohydrous Autotrophs 13

Does Poikilohydry Rely on Specific Morphological Features? 15

Exploiting an Erratic Resource 16

Different Modes of Water Uptake and Transport 17

Problems of Resuming Water Transport 20

Retarding Water Loss 22

Preventing Damage and Tolerating Stresses 24

Desiccation Tolerance 24

Cellular and Physiological Changes during Desiccation 25

Synthesis of Proteins and Protective Substances 28

Photoprotection of the Photosynthetic Units 29

Desiccation Tolerance: An Old Heritage 32

Tolerance to Extreme Temperatures: A Property

Linked to Poikilohydry 33

Limits and Success of Poikilohydry 34

Photosynthesis 34

Lichens and Bryophytes 34

Vascular Plants 39

Different Strategies 41

Opportunistic Metabolic Activity in situ 42

Place in Plant Communities 46

Primary Production of Poikilohydrous Autotrophs 47

Acknowledgments 48

References 48

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