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1 Urban political ecology: politicizing the production of urban natures 1 NIK HEYNEN, MARIA KAIKA, AND ERIK SWYNGEDOUW

2 Metabolic urbanization: the making of cyborg cities 20 ERIK SWYNGEDOUW

3 Metropolitics and metabolics: rolling out environmentalism in Toronto 40 ROGER KEIL AND JULIE-ANNE BOUDREAU

4 Urban nature and the ecological imaginary 62 MATTHEW GANDY

5 Nature's carnival: the ecology of pleasure at Coney Island 73 ELIZA DARLING

6 The desire to metabolize nature: Edward Loveden Loveden, William 90 Vanderstegen, and the disciplining of the river Thames


7 Turfgrass subjects: the political economy of urban monoculture 106 PAUL ROBBINS AND JULIE SHARP

8 Justice of eating in the city: the political ecology of urban hunger 124 NIK HEYNEN

9 Metabolisms of obe-city: flows of fat through bodies, cities and sewers 137 SIMON MARVIN AND WILL MEDD

10 The political ecology of water scarcity: the 1989-1991 Athenian drought 150 MARIA KAIKA

11 The metabolic processes of capital accumulation in Durban's waterscape 165 ALEX LOFTUS

12 The public/private conundrum of urban water: a view from South Africa 183 LAILA SMITH AND GREG RUITERS

13 Inherited fragmentations and narratives of environmental control in 199 entrepreneurial Philadelphia


14 Transnational alliances and global politics: new geographies of urban 216 environmental justice struggles


15 Urban metabolism as target: contemporary war as forced demodernization 234 STEPHEN GRAHAM


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