1 It is fair, I think, to argue that the neoliberal, entrepreneurial discourse, including some entrepreneurial narrative of nature, has been appropriated by urban parks advocates as a means to and end—that is, a renewed commitment by urban decision makers to urban parks following decades of political ambivalence and neglect (Harnik 2000). Best intentions aside, however, the move to advocate urban parks as just objects in a competitive economic landscape deserves theoretical critique and explanation.

2 NLREEP has since been absorbed into the Fairmount Park Commission. The Yale School of

Forestry and Environmental Studies is involved in a number of urban ecological research projects on the east coast, including Baltimore and New Haven.

3 The two most recent victims, both women, were discovered three months prior to the writing of this article.

4 The Wissahickon and Pennypack parks are two other watershed parks. They are surrounded by generally white, middle to upper-middle class white communities.

Inherited fragmentations and narratives of environmental control 213 5 Director, NLREEP, speaking on community participation in Cobbs Creek.


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