1 eThekwini Municipality is the name given to the administrative area of which Durban is considered a part. I use the terms interchangeably although strictly the Durban Metropolitan Area ceased to exist with the creation of the former.

2 The figure comes from an oft-cited Halcrow report on bulk water provision to Durban.

3 These two dams—constructed by the city in the 1920s and 1950s—comprised the main bulk water infrastructure for the municipality until they were superseded by the Midmar dam (constructed by the central government's Department for Water Affairs in the 1960s).

4 To some extent, again, this might be contrasted with Marx's detailing of the various laws passed by the Crown against vagabondage (1976: chapter 28).

5 To take one well-known example, the chair of the board, Omar Latiff, is the former ANC

mayor of Pietermaritzburg.

6 The name previously given to eThekwini Water Services.

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