Smog policies

These are another area of rapid and drastic change. The Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAP) of the City of Toronto was established in 1991 to finance local initiatives to combat global warming and improve air quality in Toronto. Highly successful and renowned world-wide, the TAP survived amalgamation and devolution and has been an important institution of local environmental policy making (City of Toronto, 2005c). Air pollution control policies are necessarily devices for scale-jumping as municipal governments ostensibly reach beyond their limits in creating clean air programs.

Similar incursions into the conventional way of dealing with its material streams have been made regarding the issue of road salt, a formidable issue in the yearly rhythm of socio-ecological management in a winter city. While the City has not stopped using salt, it has a plan minimizing it. While in official parlance, safety and cost concerns are still prioritized, in February 2002 the City Council "endorsed a recommendation to encourage the Toronto school boards and all City agencies to follow the City's lead in reducing the use of salt on their properties for de-icing purposes" (City of Toronto 2002).4

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