The author gratefully acknowledges financial support from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, the Natural Environment Research Council, and British Nuclear Fuels plc. Thanks also to Euan Burford and Marina Fomina for the fungal biomineral images.

See also: Bioaccumulation; Bioavailability; Biodegradability; Biodegradation; Biogeochemical Models; Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems; Calcium Cycle; Carbon Cycle; Climate Change 1: Short-Term Dynamics; Climate Change 2: Long-Term Dynamics; Decomposition and Mineralization; Industrial Ecology; Material and Metal Ecology; Matter and Matter Flows in the Biosphere; Microbial Communities; Microbial Cycles; Microbial Ecological Processes: Aerobic/ Anaerobic; Microbial Ecology; Nitrogen Cycle; Phosphorus Cycle; Phytoremediation; Radionuclides: Their Biogeochemical Cycles and the Impacts on the

Biosphere; Rhizosphere Ecology; Soil Formation; Sulfur Cycle; Trace Elements; Weathering; Xenobiotic (Pesticides, PCB, Dioxins) Cycles.

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