Actual Approaches to Model the Structural Dynamics

A large number of models have been conducted to elucidate the mass balance in ecosystems. As described above, these models form the basis of the structural dynamic models. To extend these models for the structural dynamic case, some approaches have been proposed.

One of the approaches is to include the components (organisms) as much as possible on the basis of experimental observations or literature information. This approach refines the structure of the model by accumulating the information on all components and their interactions (in this article, this approach is called as the 'bottom-up approach'). This approach can be thought of as one of the classic approaches. However, there is another approach that estimates the dynamics of the system from a comprehensive viewpoint. This relatively new approach is called as the 'holistic approach'.

Note that these approaches are not always in exclusive relationship, but in a hierarchical relationship. The models obtained in the bottom-up approach are examined and could be brushed up in a comprehensive manner in the holistic approach. In the following sections, the bottom-up and holistic approaches are briefly introduced. The reader is referred to 'Further reading' section for more information about the structural dynamic modeling approaches.

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