Air quality and climate

Certain project actions will release emissions to the atmosphere. These releases will be primarily due to fuel combustion (construction equipment, power generators, and space heating, and transportation vehicles), explosive detonation and fugitive dusk (excavation, drilling, and quarrying and crushing, wind erosion, and road dust). The key impact results from dust and emissions from heavy equipment during construction period. Following construction, these effects would return to normal (existing) level in the region. Dust and emissions from heavy equipment may cause animals and birds to relocate away from areas surrounding the construction site. Over the long time period, the bridge might increase traffic volume on the road, leading to higher emission in the area. However on the other side it will decrease overall fuel consumption by eliminating the necessity to drive the longer original way, and the amount of emissions in the whole region will decrease. In case that the transport over river is managed by ferry, then after bridge construction the fuel consumption to related ferry operation will be eliminated. Another factor potentially affecting air quality is the release of air contaminants during chemical spill events.

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