Assessment of Efficiency of Riparian Buffer Zones and Buffer Strips

The efficiency of riparian buffer zones and buffer strips in water purification can be described using three characteristics: removal efficiency (%), the retention capacity or mass removal (kg ha 1 yr 1), and the specific removal (% m—1).

Removal efficiency E (%) of N and P in riparian communities and constructed wetlands was estimated as

Qp and Qout are inflow and outflow values (m3 d—*), respectively; Cin and Cout are concentration values (mgl—*).

The retention capacity R (kgha— yr— ) was calculated as follows:

XXQinCin — QoutCout) is the annual retention and A is the area of the buffer zone.

The specific removal (% m—*) is defined as the removal efficiency per unit width of a buffer zone. This characteristic is useful for the planning and establishment of buffer communities.

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