MSY is a theoretical concept defined as the maximum catch that can be removed from a population over an indefinite period. It relies on the surplus production of a population when it has been depleted from its carrying capacity. Despite Larkin expressing many concerns about MSY in his epitaph for MSY, MSY remains a key paradigm in fisheries management. However, Larkin was correct in concluding ''It is certain that the concept of MSY will alone not be sufficient'' and MSY evolved from a fisheries management target to a limit on fishing mortality (FMsY) and biomass (BMsY). In addition, the uncertainty in estimating MSY-related quantities has prompted a move away from the estimation of MSY and toward the design of monitoring and management systems that will provide long-term sustainable harvesting without undue risk to the population.

See also: Abundance; Adaptive Management and Integrative assessments; Age Structure and Population Dynamics; Age-Class Models; Biomass, Gross Production, and Net Production; Carrying Capacity; Death; Ecological Economics; Ecological Economics; Exploitation; Fecundity; Fisheries Management; Fishery Models; Fish Growth; Forest Models; Forestry Management; Grazing; Grazing Models; Growth Models; Hunting; k-Dominance Curves; Mathematical Ecology; Matrix Models; Model Types: Overview; Mortality; Precaution and Ecological Risk; Recruitment; r-Strategist/K-Strategists; Stability; Tragedy of the Ecological Commons; Wildlife Ecology.

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