Exergy destruction is a proper indicator of the global performance of an energy-conversion chain, including complex production structures. As an EI, though, it fails to account for nonthermodynamic effects, like toxicity, cost, and labor intensity. EEA, which bases its treatment on a purely exergetic paradigm and ought therefore to be called exergoeconomics, results in a quantitative 'performance parameter', the equivalent (or extended) exergetic content EE, which enjoys the necessary attributes of an EI. There is hope that in the near future, EEA will constitute the basis for our cost-accounting procedure: when (and if) this occurs, we will be able to assess our natural and anthropogenic processes on performance indicators that correctly reflect the resource-to-final-use (including disposal, in an omnicomprehensive cradle-to-grave approach) of our exergy resources.

Worm Farming

Worm Farming

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