FUZZY Models as Part of Dynamic Models

In traditional ecological models the differential equations contain algebraic expressions. For example, the evolon model can be used to illustrate that:

This model describes a growth process (such models are used to model the growth of agricultural crops in soil-water-nitrogen simulations), which is controlled by the growth constant Kthe saturation constant B. The k is used to model a positive or negative influence of interaction in the population. In a plant growth model a monoculture can reduce k for example. For a concrete modeling task it is difficult to estimate these parameters. The use of a fuzzy model can help determine these parameters. The saturation parameter B depends on the soil quality s, the amount of fertilizer f and the water availability w. Using expert knowledge B could be expressed as


Similar procedures can be applied to the other parameters. The advantage of this approach is that the parameters can be interpreted and understood. This is the key for adaptation and stepwise refinements. An implementation of interactive software toolbox combining fuzzy-model development and dynamic-system simulation offers new possibilities in the modeling of ecological problems.

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