General Environmental Conditions Where Predation is Practiced

It is obviously different to hunt for prey in the daylight or in the dark, in the tree canopy or in soil crevices, under water or on firm land. Different adaptations are thus expected, for example, in those predators that spend a part of their life in the water and another on land. A beautiful example is provided by dragonflies. As adult flying insects they hunt on the wing, exploiting the sensory power of their enormous compound eyes, their flight speed, and their excellent ability in maneuvering in the air. On the contrary, their aquatic juveniles prey at ambush, remaining largely concealed in the bottom's mud or amidst thick aquatic vegetation, ready to project against the prey their mask, a uniquely modified labrum provided with two movable spiny appendages by which the prey is immediately seized and, following speedy retraction of the mask, put at the mercy of the insect's powerful mandibles.

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