Geographic Aspects

Saline lakes are widespread globally and occur predominately in dry areas, regions that occupy about 30% of the world's landmass. The volume of water in saline lakes is about 80% as large as that in freshwater lakes. Though about 70% of the total volume of saline water is held in the Caspian Sea, it is worth noting that about 40% of the freshwater in lakes is held in Lake Baikal and the Laurentian Great Lakes (see Freshwater Lakes). Further, many of the world's largest lakes are saline and include Great Salt Lake (USA), Lake Shala (Ethiopia), Lake Van (Turkey), the Dead Sea, Qinghai and Lop Nor (China), Nan Tso (Tibetan Plateau, China), Balkhash (Russia), Urmia (Iran), Issyk-kul (Kyrgystan), the Aral Sea, Mar Chiquita (Argentina), and Lake Eyre (Australia) and Salar of Uyuni (Bolivia) (these two lakes vary greatly in size, as is typical of many shallow playas).

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