bioaccumulation - Storage of a stable substance in living tissues, resulting in a much higher concentration than in the environment.

bioavailability - Ability of a substance to be taken up by living tissues.

biomagnification - Increase in the concentration of a substance through a food chain. body burden - Amount of a substance present in a organism at a given time.

half-life (t1/2) - Time required for the amount of a particular substance to be reduced to one half of its value when the rate of decay is exponential. K-strategist - Species of organism that uses a survival and reproductive 'strategy' characterized by low fecundity, low mortality, longer life, and with populations approaching the carrying capacity of the environment, controlled by density-dependent factors. lethal concentration (dose) - Concentration of a potentially toxic substance in an environmental medium that causes death following a certain period of exposure.

n-octanol-waterpartition coefficient (Kow) - Ratio of the concentration of a chemical in n-octanol and that in water at equilibrium and a specified temperature. population - A group of organisms, usually a group of sexual organisms that interbreed and share a gene pool. r-strategist - Species of organism that uses a survival and reproductive 'strategy' characterized by high fecundity, high mortality, short longevity, and with populations controlled by density-independent factors. TEQ - Toxic equivalent (TCDD equivalent).

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