Ms and the Simulation of Plant Development

GMs are only concerned with the 3-D representation of plants and plant development (i.e., the meristem functioning). The model of plant development (often in a grammar shape) can be more or less faithful to botany; what is important there is to obtain a good geometry. GMs produce organs whose sizes are fixed from empirical observations on real plants. Moreover, information about branching angles, phyllotaxy, and tropisms has to be included to increase the realism. Simulation of plant development uses schedulers and parallelism to simulate bud functioning and this leads to heavy computations for big trees due to a cumbersome topological structure. GMs are used in town and landscaping, advertising, even in botany or agronomy for getting nice 3-D mockups.

GMs (L-systems, Amap) have developed special tools to simulate plants faithful to botany. Using the physiological age to control the meristem differentiation and stochastic processes to follow the meristem behavior, and adding an empirical geometry, it is possible to obtain an accurate organogenesis and realistic plant architecture. Sampling complex architecture thanks to the physiological age allows collecting data on which it is possible to calibrate the parameters ofplant development.

GMs are sufficient to build the plant architecture, ifthere is no need to assess the plant biomass production (Figure 9).

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