Human Environmental Design

The complementarity between physical and semiotic approaches has its parallel in the opposition between modern and postmodern models of inquiry. The modernist science tends to decontextualize the object of research and the knowledge, whereas the postmodern model of study tries to keep the object and knowledge context bound.

As applied to human relationship to its environment, this results in distinction between the artificial, and the seminatural (or sustainable) landscape, community, architecture, etc.

The 'artificial' design would mean the freedom in combination of elements, making whichever new connections, like this can be seen in garden or park architecture or in the agricultural systems. The usage of the elements independently of their historical community and coexistence relationships means their decontextualized use; this diminishes the role of historically established ecological codes.

The 'seminatural' design would mean the usage (management) of natural communities without changing these otherwise than via the usage itself (without adding or replacing the elements, only recycling them). This type of human impact means the building in into the contexts of cohabitants; this holds and adds codes.

Thus seminatural ecosystems support diversity due to the limited and local communication and the context dependence, whereas artificial ecosystems lose diversity due to excessive and global (homogenizing) communication and decontextualization.

In other words, in order to live together with many other species, it is more important to know and take into account the local ecological codes (e.g., their needs and preferences in food and nesting habits) than to obtain detailed accounts on the universal laws of molecular structure of their body.

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