Inland Water Streams Lakes Wetlands etc

Inland water features include wetlands, streams, and lakes. A mix of optical and microwave remotely sensed data is used to measure and monitor a number of parameters (Table 5) related to inland waters although many of these measurements are only available at local or regional scales and many of the methods require significant field work to correlate actual values with what is recorded by the remote-sensing instrument.

Mapping the extent of inland water features is done using a mix of optical and microwave instruments. For example, radar is an ideal technology for locating and mapping standing water, even if it occurs under a forest canopy such as in a flooded forest. Optical sensors are used to measure temperature and identify aquatic vegetation.

Table 5 Information about inland water ecosystems derived from remote sensing

Water body and wetland mapping Flooded forest mapping Water surface elevation Water depth Turbidity/secchi depth Water temperature

Aquatic and wetland vegetation mapping Riparian buffer mapping Flow rates

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