Daily, about a quarter million people are added to the billions who already live on the Earth. Yet daily, the supply of essential natural resources must be shared by more people. These basic resources, essential for life, include ample fertile land, pure water, and many forms of energy. Biodiversity of plants, animals, and microbes, which often goes unnoticed, contributes in vital ways to the quality of all human life. Yet throughout the Earth, pollution, degradation, and over use are rapidly depleting our resources. Some of these resources are finite.

Ecological engineering can help encourage the development of sustainable ecosystems and aid human society to make better use of our natural resources. There is a critical need to educate the public worldwide on the serious problems of overpopulation and natural resource shortages.

In this article we will examine the current world population situation and what ecological engineering might do to help in seeking a solution to the discouraging environmental situation.

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