Specific exergy is defined as the eco-exergy divided by the biomass. We can use the three growth forms: growth of biomass and development of the ecological network and growth of information to understand how specific exergy can be used as a holistic indicator. Because eco-exergy is increasing with proportional with the growth of biomass, specific exergy becomes independent of the biomass or biological structure. Development of the ecological network and growth of the information contained in the ecosystems will imply increase in eco-exergy with or without the change of the biomass for network development but always without the change of the biomass, when the information content in the ecosystem is increasing. Therefore, specific eco-exergy will increase often with development of the ecological network and always with increasing information, which is consistent with Prigogine's far from thermodynamic equilibrium thermodynamics.

From the calculations of eco-exergy - eco-exergy = X/c, or rather the eco-exergy density - it is clear that division by the total biomass yields an average weighting factor or average /-value. Or expressed differently, specific eco-exergy is an expression for Kullbach's measure of information or is an indirect measure of the non-materialistic part of the ecosystem sustainability. It means that specific eco-exergy expresses whether the ecosystem is populated by more or less advanced organisms and does not consider the biomass in contrast to eco-exergy. This explains why it is recommended to use both indicators by assessment of ecosystem health.

Specific eco-exergy has the same short-comings as eco-exergy calculated for ecosystems, which implies that specific eco-exergy should be considered a relative ecosystem index.

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