The phenomenon 'diversity' is related to the reflection of any natural phenomena through a set of elements (particles, material points) with different classes of property states observed in space. The elements are confirmed to interact potentially with each other. This is a thermostatistical model of the world acceptable for a wide set of phenomena, from the atomic level to the social-economic one. As in physics, within the framework of a model of a particular phenomenon, an element is considered, as that is invariable in the process of all the imaginable transformations. The invariability is nothing more than an assumption simplifying the model. In general, if physical essence is given to an element, the very element is implied as an integral system supported by internal negative and positive relations between the parts forming it. The proven universality of fractality of nature, that is, its correspondence to the model of continuous-discontinuous set enables to determine an element as a cell of certain size in the accepted scale of space-time.

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