Life Is a Way of Matter Self Organization

It is common knowledge that life is the manifestation and result of a general tendency of matter to self-organization. The difference between opinions consists in understanding of the predetermination of self-organization steps. Really, this difference is not so essential: on the one hand, random mutations in pure Darwinism lead to realization of more or less predetermined process of adaptation to existing conditions, whereas on the other hand, a 'vital force' is needed in some mechanisms (why not stochastic?) to conduct their programs. The self-organization algorithms must have some physical basis (self-organization can be considered as a physical principle according to M. Eigen); it is not an opposition to Darwinian selection.

Self-organization is a process of forming order from disorder. It is possible in the following conditions: (1) there is a big quantity of simple components; (2) the components can constitute mutual relations; (3) there is a source of energy, supporting the relations formed; (4) external conditions are suitable for stability of the new system; and (5) the systems can play the role of elements in the process of forming systems of a next level. Evolution of living matter is a combination of rising tendency, connected with growth of complexity, and descending one, connected with tendency to stability.

There are no special biological fundamental forces or elementary particles. Life is the continuation of the inanimate world; it uses all opportunities given by the laws of nature, particularly nonlinear scenarios such as phase transformation, hysteresis effect (see Hysteresis), the formation of dissipative structures, etc. All the possibilities should be groped for, probably by accident.

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