Other Ecosystem Theories

The ten fundamental laws presented above have been formulated in a slightly different manner in the scientific literature and other systems ecologists may emphasize other aspects. For instance, H. T. Odum could emphasize maximum power more than eco-exergy storage; but, as pointed out, they are two perspectives of the same basic dynamic. Such perspectives show that a complex system should be described by several different viewpoints according to the complementarity theory. However, this attempt to provide fundamental laws does not mean that there are no other candidates in the literature . For example, the allometric principles are fundamental principles in ecology. Emergent properties are also sometimes considered sufficiently general to be considered as a fundamental principle. Other ecologists still withhold that fundamental laws exist, preferring to focus on descriptions of fundamental properties and processes. Therefore, the discussion about which laws should be considered the fundamental laws in ecology and systems ecology is still open.

Worm Farming

Worm Farming

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