Regions with High Annual Sums of Precipitation

In addition to the humid tropics, these include the semihumid tropics. In these regions there is a dry season and a rainy season according to the Sun's position. The maximum precipitation is directly connected with the point in time of the Sun's highest position (zenith). A typical example for this precipitation pattern is given by the Darwin Station in North Australia (see Figure 7).

The humid subtropics also have annual precipitation sums of more than 1300 mm. The southern United States (New Orleans 1373 mm), parts of the Caribbean and Central America, Southeast China (Taipei 2100 mm), and southern Japan (Tokyo 1520 mm) fall under this precipitation regime. The largest area in the Southern Hemisphere is in South America and covers southern Brazil (Sao Paulo 1317 mm) and parts of Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay.

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