Relevant Websites - Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Copper -

1984, US Environmental Protection Agency. - Chronological History of the Development of Insecticides and Control Equipment from 1854 through 1954, Clemson Entamology. - Copper: An Ancient Metal, Dartmouth. - Copper Proteins, Metalloprotein

Database and Browser. - Metals in Soil and Vegetation in the Sudbury Area(Survey 2000 and Additional Historic Data), Ministry of the Environment. - Minerals Information, Mineral

Resources Program. - Pesticide Information Profiles, The

Extension Toxicology Network. - Sudbury Soils. Study. - The Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment. - Trace and macro-elements - Cu Values Assigned in Anthropogenic Pollution Materials, International Atomic Energy Agency. - Wilson's Disease, National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC).

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