Relevant Websites - Berkeley Madonna:

Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems. - Cormas: Natural Resources and MultiAgent Simulations. - Exeter Software. - Individual-Based Modeling and

Ecology at Humboldt State University. - Imagine That Inc. Simulation

Software Products and Solutions. - Isee systems (formerly High Performance Systems). - Monte Carlo Simulation Software,

Decision and Risk Analysis. - MASON Multiagent Simulation Toolkit, Evolutionary Computation Laboratory of the George Mason University Department of Computer Science. - NetLogo, The Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling. - OpenMI Association Home Page. - Powersim Software. - Repast Agent Simulation Toolkit. - SAMT (Spatial Analysis and Modelling Tools), ZALF. - Simulistics: System Dynamics and

Object-Based Modeling and Simulation Software Tools. - Software for Agent-Based Computational Economics and CAS (Home Page of Leigh Tesfatsion), The Economics Department of Iowa State University. - StarLogo, MIT Teacher Education Program. - The Landscape Modeling Framework (LMF), IDEAS Workgroup, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, The University of Vermont. - The MathWorks: MATLAB and

Simulink for Technical Computing. - Tools for Agent-Based Modeling,

Swarm Development Group Wiki. - Ventana Systems, Inc. - WEAP: Water Evaluation and

Planning System. - Wolfram Research, Inc. - WWW-Server for Ecological Modelling.

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