Reviewing EIS

Reviewing EIS is a process establishing whether an EIS is adequate for the competent authority to use it to make the decision on 'development consent'. It is important to note that the decision will usually involve consideration of other information in addition to the EIS, but the aim of review is to check that the EIS is adequate.

In a number of countries review of adequacy of the EIS before they are used for decision-making is a mandatory stage in the EIA procedure. In these cases the review may be undertaken by the competent authority or by an independent organization on behalf of the competent authority. Where EIS is considered to be inadequate, the developer will be asked to provide additional information and the development consent decision process will not start until information has been provided.

The goal of 'reviewing EIS' is to examine if the EIS gives complete and suitable information from content and decision-making viewpoint. In particular it is aimed at helping reviewers decide whether the information meets the two main objectives of

• providing decision-makers with all the necessary environmental information for decision-making; and

• communicating effectively with consulters and general public so that they can comment in a useful manner on project and its environmental impacts.

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