Skj Val Svart Hiet

Figure 4 Seasonal variations in singlet oxygen quantum yields ($a, mean ± accuracy 12.5%) upon excitation at 480 nm of humic substances from five Scandinavian sampling sites. Gray color indicates autumn 1999, and black indicates spring 2000. Bir, Birkenes; Skj, Skjervatsjern; Val, Valkea-Kotinen; Svart, Svartberget; Hiet, Hietajarvi. Reproduced from Paul A, HackbarthS, Vogt RD, et al. (2004) Photogeneration of singlet oxygen by humic substances: Comparison of humic substances of aquatic and terrestrial origin. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 3: 273-280 - Reproduced by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) on behalf of The European Society for Photobiology.

Combining the availability of underwater light qualities and quantities with absorption coefficients and quantum yields of 1O2 production ($a), it becomes evident (Figure 5) that particularly the blue light in the water column is responsible for the production of O2. Although UV irradiation possesses higher $a values, it is absorbed in the top layers of the water column and does not significantly contribute to the photolytic capacity of the whole water column.

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