Saprobic Valences

Characteristics of a particular taxon can also be expressed by saprobic valences. These are defined from data concerning the distribution of a taxa in individual classes of saprobity. A ten-point scale is used. The ten points are distributed within five classes of limnosaprobity (x-o-P-a-p) in different ways (from, say, 10-0-0-00 to, say, 2-2-2-2-2). This characteristic is usually used for an alternative definition of the saprobic index or to simply evaluate the percentage of the assemblage preferring a certain saprobity class (e.g., to determine the quantitative representation of xenosaprobic elements in the particular sample). The saprobic valences can be easily converted to the saprobic value according to the formula:

• sx is a saprobic valence of xenosaprobity (x out of 10 points),

• so is a saprobic valence of oligosaprobity (x out of 10 points),

• S0 is a saprobic valence of /3-mesosaprobity (x out of 10 points),

• sa is a saprobic valence of a-mesosaprobity (x out of 10 points), and

• sp is a saprobic valence of polysaprobity (x out of 10 points).

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