Secondary Wastewater Treatment

The unit operations, their purposes, and equipment used in the secondary treatment are listed in Table 7.

An open pond acting as the aerobic reactor, which is a constituent in the sequence batch reactor (SBR) system, is shown in Figure 4. Figure 4 contains three photos indicating the beginning of aeration (rear photo), rising of bubbles (middle photo), and the floatation of sludge (front photo), respectively.

A photo for the pilot plant with an innovative anaerobic bioprocess is shown in Figure 5. The key feature of this pilot plant is the use of an anaerobic bioprocess to perform the majority of the pollutant removal from sewage, as opposed to the aerobic process, which is currently preferred. The main advantages of the plant include energy self-sufficiency and the significant reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

Worm Farming

Worm Farming

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