Although life is an extremely complex phenomenon, including processes of different levels, nature, and duration, modern science has elaborated general approaches to its understanding. First of all, it is the systems approach which allows describing multilevel structure of life and modeling some general principles of its dynamics. The physical view on life is interesting due to understanding of biological laws as continuation of physical ones and the energy approach to living systems, particularly, investigation of role of entropy, exergy, emergy, and so on in biological evolution. Another interesting subject is the information nature of life, which is, finally, the main manifestation of universal information processes.

Dynamics of life is a permanent process of self-organization. A few very general principles of this process can be formulated: equifinality of biological processes; development of life as a process of niches proliferation; and Darwinian natural selection. There are a lot of questions science has no answers for, but general scope of the life phenomenon problem becomes more or less clear now.

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