The complex but precise ecosystem networks have been attracting the attention of many researchers for a long time and, as a result, many useful ecological models have been proposed. In this circumstance, the concern with structural dynamic models of ecosystems has been growing from the viewpoints ofnot only mathematical ecology but also environmental technology.

The structural change in ecosystems is fairly complicated, because there exist a great number of components and their feedbacks, as described in the text. The holistic approach for the structural dynamic models, which is also described in the text, is one of the keys to solve the problem. A continuous research on the feedback mechanisms in ecosystems and the holistic approach would strengthen the methodology of the structural dynamic modeling for various ecosystems.

In the future, more knowledge about the structural changes of various ecosystems should be clarified. Structural dynamic models become a good tool to summarize the knowledge. To elucidate the fundamentals underlying the ecosystem functions, analysis through the structural dynamic models will also be required.

See also-. Empirical Models; Watershed Models.

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