T X wjy t 1 xj tj [11

Step 3. Calculate the error of each node Ej using eqn [12]: dj - yj if j is an output node ej —

0 otherwise

where dj is a desired output of node j. • Step 4. Relax the error-propagation of the RBP to find the fixed point zj using eqn [13]:

td 'a ) = - Zj(t) + X a\ X wuyi(t) + xt (t) ) WjkZk(t)

where a9 (.) is the time derivative of the activation function.

Step 5. Update the weights using eqns [14] and [15]: Aw,j = r)8jyi [14]

Various models were presented to learn time-series data using recurrent algorithms. Connectivity among the computation nodes was accordingly designed to extract information on ecological time processes and to predict future development of ecological systems.

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