Terrestrial invertebrates

Several studies show high variability in toxic response among species and PAH compounds. For example, the soil LC50 for many of the LPAHs were in the range of 40-167 mg/g soil for the springtail Folsomia fimetaria; however, for some of the more hydrophobic HPAHs (e.g., BaP and benz[a]anthracene), the 21 day LC50 was greater than 800-1000mgg1. At these concentrations, the HPAHs should be toxic, which implies a reduced bioaccumulation for these compounds. As is the case for many species, sublethal effect concentrations occur at levels usually 10-100 times lower than those causing mortality. Sublethal effects, such as reproductive and growth abnormalities, exhibit effect concentrations in the low ppm range (5-100 mgPAH/g of soil).

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