Types of Environmental Stressors

Different types of environmental stressors exist in nature. They include biological, chemical, or physical stressors that can be broadly categorized as biotic (living) or abiotic (nonliving) stressors. Abiotic stressors consist of two major types: physical stressors and chemical stressors. Abiotic stressors originate from the ambient environment and may or may not have any biotic input. For example, fire outbreak can put stress on organisms in an environment; however, such a fire may be started by humans (biotic origin) or by lightning (abiotic origin). Unlike abiotic stressors, biotic stressors have only biological origin, that is, living organisms exerting stress on another biological organism. For these stressors, the removal or destruction of the organism exerting the stress usually results in the complete abatement of the effects with no carry-on effect unlike abiotic stressors that may have a carry-on effect.

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