What Is Physiology What Is Ecology

A well-known dictionary of the English language says that physiology is ''the science of the function of living organisms and their parts'' and that ecology is ''the branch of biology dealing with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physiological surroundings'' and ifwe follow more closely Ernst Haeckel's original definition when he first introduced the term ecology in 1866 we have it as ''the entire science of the relations of the organism to its surrounding environment, comprising in a broader sense all conditions of its existence.'' Hence, if we want to bridge the interface between general ecology and plant physiology we must consider functions of parts and the whole of organisms on the one hand and all conditions of their existence on the other hand and integrate both. It shall be done by looking first at plant physiology and then at ecology and finally by combining both, choosing physiological ecology ofphotosynthesis as a case study because photosynthesis with its primary production of new biomass from inorganic precursors is of paramount importance for all life on Earth.

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