Which Environmental Problems Have Been Modeled

Table 6 gives an overview of the environmental problems that have been modeled. Notice that many models have been focusing on a problem for a specific ecosystem and are therefore included in both table overviews. There are of course also models that focus on a specific problem without considering the ecosystem, for instance, fishery, the greenhouse effect, and acid rain, and models that model a specific ecosystem without considering a specific problem, for instance, element cycling in an arctic ecosystem or in a wetland. Table 6 uses the same classification as Table 5.

Table 6 Model effort, classification environmental problem


Environmental problem effort

Oxygen balance and depletion 5

Eutrophication 5

Heavy metal pollution 4

Pesticide pollution 4

Other toxic substances, including the use of 5

models for environmental risk assessment

Regional distribution of pollutants 5

Protection of national parks 4

Endangered species 3

Groundwater pollution 5

Green house effects, global warming 5

Acid rain 4

Microclimate changes 3

Ecosystem health assessment 5

Decomposition of ozone layer 4

Health risk assessment 4

Fishery 5

Timber 5

Non-point pollution from agriculture 5

Optimization of an environmental management 3 strategy

See also: Artificial Neural Networks; Ecological Models, Optimization; Empirical Models; Fisheries Management; Fuzzy Models; Individual-Based Models; Sensitivity, Calibration, Validation, Verification; Software; Spatial Models and Geographic Information Systems ; Structural Dynamic Models.

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