Which Model Types Are Recommended to Solve Which Problems

As mentioned in the introduction, new model types were provoked by the model problems that became clear in the early to mid-1970s when ecological modeling started to be applied more extensively as a tool in environmental management. Biogeochemical/bioenergetic dynamic models and population dynamic models had some shortcomings which the ecological modelers have tried to solve for the last 30 years by development of new model types. Today, the shortcomings have been at least partially eliminated. Further improvements will be possible by development of hybrid models or even new model types, but a solution to the problem formulated in the introduction is available today. Consequently, it is possible to indicate which model type is the best choice in a given model situation, which is defined by the data, and the combination of problem and system. It is possible to indicate with the 11 model types in hand which solution should be used when we know the (1) the available data sets and (2) the combination of problem and system. ''Which model type should be applied in which context?'' is answered in Tables 3 and 4, covering respectively the different data sets and different problem/system combinations.

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