Which Organisms Are Endotherms

The most familiar groups of endotherms are mammals and birds. Only mammals and birds are endothermic at rest. However, because some endothermic fish (e.g., tunas) must swim continuously to ventilate their gills, these fish might also be considered to be endotherms even at rest or as close to rest as their biology allows. Besides birds and mammals, other endotherms include some species of reptiles (e.g., large sea turtles, brooding pythons), ray-finned fishes (e.g., tunas and billfishes), lamnid sharks, insects (e.g., beetles, dragonflies, cicadas, moths, and bees), gymnosperm plants (i.e., cycads), and flowering plants (e.g., some species from the families Annonaceae, Aracacea, Araceae, Cyclanthaceae, and Rafflesiaceae).

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