Ecological applications of disease models

The recognition of the role of disease (either endemic or epidemic and thus catastrophic) as a regulator of natural populations has been slow in coming, perhaps because when disease regulates populations the dynamics are more complicated than simpler cases of autotrophic density dependence. However, good entries into the literature now exist through the papers of Grenfell and Hudson cited above, de Koeijer et a/. (1998, 2004), and Dobson and Foutopoulos (2001). Species specific examples include papers by Barlow (1993, 2000), Dwyer and Elkinton (1993), White and Harris (1995), Smith et a/. (1997), Bouloux et a/. (1998), Begon et a/. (1992, 1998, 1999), LoGiudice et a/. (2003), Sauvage et a/. (2003), Smith and Wilkinson (2002), Morgan et a/. (2004) and Sumpter and Martin (2004).

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