Evolution of virulenceevolution of resistance

This is again a topic with an enormous literature. Ewald (1994) and Frank (1996) provide great introductions to the subject. Other papers treating different aspects of the evolution of virulence include Antia et al. (1994), Lenski and May (1994), Antia et al. (1996), Antia and Lipschitz (1997), Mosquera and Adler (1998), Keeling and Grenfell (1997), Day (2001), Gandon et al. (2001), Day (2002a, b, c), Ferguson and Read (2002), Ganusov et al. (2002), Sylvain et al. (2002), Day (2003), Koella and Boete (2003) and Day and Proulx (2004). Esteva and Vargas (2003) study the coexistence of different serotypes of dengue virus. A recent volume on the management of virulence is Dieckmann et al. (2002). On the other hand, the whole notion of the management of virulence is now being questioned (Ebert and Bull 2003).

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