Figure 7.8. The time s divides the interval 0 to t into two pieces, one from 0 to just before s (s_) and one from just after s (s+) to t. The increments in Brownian motion are then independent random variables.

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The transition density and covariance of Brownian motion

We now return to standard Brownian motion, to learn a little bit more about it. To do this, consider the interval [0, t] and some intermediate time s (Figure 7.8). Suppose we know that W(s) = y, for s < t. What can be said about W(t)? The increment W(t) _ W(s) = W(t) _ y will be normally distributed with mean 0 and variance t _ s. Thus we conclude that

Note too that we can make this prediction knowing only W(s), and not having to know anything about the history between 0 and s. A stochastic process for which the future depends only upon the current value and not upon the past that led to the current value is called a Markov process, so that we now know that Brownian motion is a Markov process.

The integrand in Eq. (7.27) is an example of a transition density function, which tells us how the process moves from one time and value to another. It depends upon four values: s, y, t, andx, and we shall write it as q(x, t,y, s)dx = Pr{x < W(t) < x + dx| W(s) = y}

This equation should remind you of the diffusion equation encountered in Chapter 2, and the discussion that we had there about the strange properties of the right hand side as t decreases to s. In the next section all of this will be clarified. But before that, a small exercise.

W(s_)- W(0) and W(t) - W(s+) are independent random variables

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