Thel Theoretical Biologists Toolbox

Quantitative Methods for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology




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The Theoretical Biologist's Toolbox

Quantitative Methods for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Mathematical modeling is widely used in ecology and evolutionary biology and it is a topic that many biologists find difficult to grasp. In this new textbook Marc Mangel provides a no-nonsense introduction to the skills needed to understand the principles of theoretical and mathematical biology. Fundamental theories and applications are introduced using numerous examples from current biological research, complete with illustrations to highlight key points. Exercises are also included throughout the text to show how theory can be applied and to test knowledge gained so far. Suitable for advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate courses in theoretical and mathematical biology, this book forms an essential resource for anyone wanting to gain an understanding of theoretical ecology and evolution.

marc mangel is Professor of Mathematical Biology and Fellow of Stevenson College at the University of California, Santa Cruz campus.

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