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This volume collects the Proceedings of the Complutense International Seminar Spectral Theory and Nonlinear Analysis that we celebrated in Madrid in June 14th and 15th, 2004, at the Department of Applied Mathematics, under the auspices of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, under Grant REN2003-00707, and Complutense University through an International Seminar budget, which allowed us to invite some of the most renowned experts in these fields. Besides the editors, the following experts participated in the International Seminar: F. Cobos (Madrid), E. N. Dancer (Sydney), I. Gohberg (Tel Aviv), D. MacGhee (Glasgow), R. J. Magnus (Reykjavik), J. Mawhin (Louvain La Neuve), A. G. Ramm (Manhattan, Kansas), B. P. Rynne (Edinburgh), and A. Suárez (Sevilla), among many others that attended some of the talks delivered in that International Seminar, whose kind assistance certainly facilitated its success.

Such International Seminar was organized to honor the memory of our friend and colleague J. Esquinas, born in March 27th 1960 at Ocaña (Toledo, Spain), who suddenly died in August 11th 2003 at Covadonga National Park (Asturias, Spain). J. Esquinas was a tremendously gifted mathematician who did some seminal contributions to the theory of generalized algebraic multiplicités in the context of bifurcation theory. His scientific carrier was as short as intense, since he dedicated many of his efforts to the defense of the rights of the workers in Spanish Universities, becoming a renowned very popular personality in both issues.

Besides collecting most of the contributions delivered by the participants in this Complutense International Seminar, this volume also includes a number of contributions by well recognized experts in Spectral Theory, Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis whose mathematical work is closely related to the one developed by J. Esquinas. The editors are delighted to thank all of them for their contributions to this so special honoring volume.

July 2005 The editors

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