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Rock Creatures

O Real-World Question

What types of organisms live under stream rocks?

Possible Materials ^ El tT3

• waterproof boots

• collecting jars

• guidebook to pond life

O Procedure

1. With permission, search under the rocks of a local stream. Look for aquatic organisms under the rocks and leaves of the stream. Compare what you find in fast- and slow-moving water.

2. With permission, carefully pull organisms you find off the rocks and put them into separate compartments of your ice cube tray. Take care not to injure the creatures you find.

3. Use your net and bucket to collect larger organisms.

4. Use your guidebook to pond life to identify the organisms you find.

5. Release the organisms back into the stream once you identify them.

£ Conclude and Apply

1. Identify and list the organisms you found under the stream rocks.

2. Infer why so many aquatic organisms make their habitats beneath stream rocks.

2 A Light in the Forest

O Real-World Question

Does the amount of sunlight vary in a forest?

Possible Materials

• empty toilet paper or paper towel roll

• Science Journal

(3 Procedure:

1. Copy the data table into your Science Journal.

2. Go with an adult to a nearby forest or large grove of trees.

3. Stand near the edge of the forest and look straight up through your cardboard tube. Estimate the percentage of blue sky and clouds you can see in the circle. This percentage is the amount of sunlight reaching the forest floor.

4. Record your location and estimated percentage of sunlight in your data table.

5. Test several other locations in the forest. Choose places where the trees completely cover the forest floor and where sunlight is partially coming through. Data Table


% of Sunlight

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